Multimedia Library for IBM Collaboration Software

The Multimedia Libraries (MML) are a low-cost, no travel, "just-in-time" training and support solution for end users. The Multimedia Library consists of courses, lessons and video tutorials that will provide new and experienced users with the learning they need to be productive. Save money with training and reduce ongoing support cost.

Delivered in an industry standard Help file format, you can quickly load the product on web servers. With quick and easy integration into IBM Notes® or any search platform, users can immediately begin using the Multimedia Libraries right from their desktop. Get the answers and get going with the Multimedia Libraries!

See It, Hear It, Do It! → “Maximum Learning” When you have a software question, multimedia let’s you see the process, hear the explanation, and then do the task. Arranged in single question-answer pairs, the Multimedia Library is granular, concise and targeted to allow you to find just the answer! Research has shown that people retain 20% of what they hear, 50% of what they see and hear, and up to 90% of what they see, hear, and do. By actively engaging multiple senses, the Multimedia Library gives your brain the opportunity to gain and retain the information for maximum learning.


Novice to Expert → “Ramp faster, drive deeper” Increasing productivity is crucial to any organization but is difficult due to the differences in software understanding. The Multimedia Library lets new users train, brings migration users up to speed and gives expert users the tools to learn more; all done quickly and easily to enhance productivity. All users can benefit from learning to use the software in its entirety, thus producing more efficient and better quality work. With thousands of short video tutorials, Multimedia Library is the perfect self-service training and support solution for beginners to experts.

Just-In-Time → “Just the Facts!” In a world that operates on a “now” basis, everyone is looking for the most efficient training and support tools. The Multimedia Library empowers end users with a tool to find answers when they need them. Answers are presented with “just the facts”. The solutions are organized into courses, lessons and topics allowing end users to learn “just-in-time”. The Multimedia Library is quick and easy. Get the answers you want, when you want them, right where you are.


Load & Go → “Built to Integrate” The Multimedia Library is packaged in an industry standard Help File and can be seamlessly integrated into any search platform. Developed using standard HTML, XML, and Adobe® Flash programs allows for deployment through chat, email, print and user developed courses. Users can quickly find solutions to solve software problems from their desktops.

Available in up to 11 Languages: English, French Canadian, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified

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If you would like assistance in reviewing the product please let us know. We are also available to answer deployment questions and review best practices for user enablement.